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Are you £5,000
or more in debt?

Are you£5,000 or more in debt?

Government legislation may allow you to write off your unaffordable debts and avoid bankruptcy. Check if you qualify now...

Government legislation may allow you to write off your unaffordable debts and avoid bankruptcy*. You could:

  • Completely write off up to 75% of your unaffordable debts*
  • Instantly stop interest and charges from accumulating
  • Consolidate all your bills into one affordable monthly payment
  • Stop all collection calls, bailiffs and creditor harrassment

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Write off up to 75% of your total debt
Freeze interest & charges
Consolidate debts into
1 monthly

Welcome to National Debt Expert

We work with some of the UK's leading debt partners, and can offer you a debt solution to help you write off your unaffordable debt

Write off up to 75%* of your total debt

Become debt free in up to 5 years

Minimise or stop collection calls

Consolidate bills into one low payment

How does it work

We can help write off unaffordable debt through an IVA. An IVA is an agreement between you and your unsecured creditors, which allows you to repay only what you can reasonably afford over a fixed period of time.

  • In an IVA, a single, affordable monthly payment is agreed upon. This is then divided between the unsecured creditors included within the arrangement.
  • These payments are usually made for five years.
  • At the end of an IVA, the balance of any debts included within the IVA is written off, and during its course, all interest and fees are frozen.

Just think, no more:

  • Nasty phone calls from creditors
  • Borrowing money from friends and family
  • Payday loans you have to keep rolling over
  • Dreading bills because you know you can't pay
  • Running out of money within days of being paid
  • Having your cards declined at the till
  • Paying hefty charges for being a few pence overdrawn
  • Pretending everything is ok when it's not!

Example of How We Can Help

See how a IVA could help you with this simple example to consolidate all unsecured debts into one smaller monthly payment and write off unaffordable debt.

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* The debt write off amount for each customer differs depending upon their individual financial circumstances and debt level. Any write off is also subject to approval from creditors.

Write off most types of debt, including...

credit-card Credit Cards
store-card Store Cards
payday-loan Payday Loans
overdraft Overdrafts
personal-loan Personal Loans
line-credit Lines of credit
business Business debt
catalogue Catalogues

*An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (‘IVA’) is subject to the customer meeting qualifying criteria and gaining creditor acceptance. Monthly IVA payments include fees and may differ to the example provided, based on the assessment made of your own personal circumstances – these fees will be clearly explained to you in writing by your IVA company. Debt write off amounts are subject to creditor acceptance and vary by individual customer based on their own financial circumstances, and are applied upon successful IVA completion. Substantiation example, Someone owes £60,000, they pay £100 over 60 months which equals £6000, write off amount would be £54,000 which is 90% of total debt level.

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